SyncHub offers a range of plans to address all different businesses and reporting requirements.

On Demand $19/mthOne-click to refresh your cloud service data to your data warehouse - perfect for ad-hoc reporting or the data-curious
Starter $79/mthAutomatically refresh your data every day - ideal for smaller operators or one-off consultancy jobs
Business $389/mthAutomatic and real-time*** refreshes - for companies where data matters, and real-time data matters more
Monthly $500/mthPerfect for monthly reports
Weekly $1,000/mthFor data that's a little more regular
Daily $2,000/mthData fresh to you every morning
Realtime $4,000/mthData when you need it

Whether you're an accountant, implementation specialist or even offer your own Software-as-a-Service platform, your service is only as good as the data you build it on - but getting data from cloud services is a difficult job.

SyncHub offers a fully white-labeled version of SyncHub, letting you onboard and maintain your client data using our technology, under your own brand.

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Included connections *
Additional connections ($/month) *


Included insights **
Additional insights ($/month) **

Other features

Sync frequency ***
Automatic syncWe automatically get new data, according to the Sync Frequency *** settings of your plan
On-demand syncManually trigger a sync, to get your data up-to-date when you need - regardless of the Sync Frequency*** settings of your plan
Reports & dashboardsOur Insights platform lets you build and share reports directly within SyncHub read more...
Third-party reporting toolsUse the standard Database Connector of your favourite reporting tool to report on your data
Managed databaseWe'll provide you with your own standalone, managed data warehouse (Microsoft SQL Azure). We'll manage the data & hosting, so you can concentrate on the reports
Priority supportEverybody gets premium support, regardless of plan
Smart retriesIf your cloud service goes down, we'll wait for it to come back online then pick up where we left off
API explorerUnderstand precisely how your data is coming down, by querying your cloud service directly read more...
Deletion managementMany cloud services incorrectly broadcast item deletions. Don't worry - we'll take care of it for you read more...
Run management & loggingDetailed logs about when and how your data is coming down read more...
Period segmentationPrioritize periods of data without disrupting the overall sync read more...
Unlimited usersAllow your entire team to connect and analyze data
BYO Data warehouseSyncHub can store your data in your own database read more...

* API connections

What on earth is an API connection?! Well, it represents a single account with your cloud service provider. On a technical level, it is the unique "key" or authorization that is required for SyncHub to connect to your cloud service. For example:

  • A business with one Wrike account and two users would need one connection
  • If the business grew to 200 users, it would still only need one connection
  • If the business then took on Xero for their billing, they'd need a second connection from SyncHub
Another example:
  • A cafe running Lightspeed POS would need one connection
  • If the cafe expanded to a second location, they would still only need one connection (because Lightspeed POS allows multiple sites/account)
  • If the cafe was franchised to six different owners, then each owner would likely have their own Lightspeed POS account and thus you would need six connections with SyncHub

If you're not sure how many connections you need - just sign up and find out. That's what free trials are for, after all :)

Adn you may buy additional connectors if you need them - regardless of what plan you are on.

** Insights

Insights allow you to transform and share your connection data with others. Common uses include:

  • Transform your raw data into a reportable format
  • Upload additional data which is not available via your Connectors
  • Truncate large tables
  • Build simple visualizations and dashboards, and share the results with others
  • And much more...

Insights may be used standalone, or you may use them in conjunction with your favourite reporting tool. See our blog post for more details.

*** Real-time sync

SyncHub's minimum polling period is five minutes, however please note that your cloud service provider may place additional limitations which we have to adhere to.