Blackball BI Services

Affordable one-off reports for your SyncHub dashboards

Our extensive understanding of the SyncHub data model allows us to quickly build out customized reports for an affordable one-time fee


Most reports are only a few hundred dollars. Pay once, then continue using your report for as long as you like (SyncHub charges may still apply).

No job to big or small

Need a suite of BI dashboards? No problem, we can do that for you. Or just need help with a particular report? No problem, we can help with that too.

Professional & experienced team

We have been building custom software & reporting solutions since 2005.


Inventory by productRealtime stock notifications to your fingertips
Katana Cloud Manufacturing
Sales by customerQuickly identify your highest-value customers
Katana Cloud Manufacturing
Sales by productIdentify which products are making you the most money
Katana Cloud Manufacturing