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Getting your data into Power BI is nice and easy with SyncHub. Follow the steps below or view our [step-by-step guide here]( First, you'll need to get your [database credentials](/kb/startreporting?api=) from SyncHub. Now, go ahead and enter them into Power BI: 1. Launch Power PI and click on the **Get Data** dropdown, then click **More…** 2. Select **Azure** from the left hand panel, then **Azure SQL Database**, then **Connect** 3. Copy and paste the relevant credentials into the Server and Database fields, and select **Import** for the Data Connectivity mode, then click **OK** 4. Select **Database** from the left hand panel and enter the username and password from your credentials, then hit **Connect** All done! Now you can build custom reports and dashboards using data from across all your connections – without the need for manual importing. #### Troubleshooting If you're receiving an error message when trying to get your data into Power BI, it may be because the database credentials were entered incorrectly. Before trying again, please clear the data source credentials saved by Power BI: Go to **File** > **Options & Settings** > **Data Source Settings**. From the **Global permissions** list, select any references that include "synchub" and click **Clear permissions**. Now try re-entering your database credentials following the steps above. Are you getting this error? ![]( If so, try setting up the connection running Power BI as admin. Once the connection is made, you can go back to using Power BI as a regular user.