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Data Security

Exactly how secure is your data? The short answer: very. First, SyncHub establishes a secure connection with your software platforms. Some of those platforms allow you to log in with your software credentials using [OAuth 2.0](, while others require a user to request from them a unique API key. Either way the connection is secure and [can be removed](/kb/connectiondashboardsexplained?api=) at any time via the SyncHub app. Second, your data is hosted in an independent [Microsoft Azure]( database. This is protected by multi-layered security provided by Microsoft across physical datacentres, infrastructure and operations. They meet the most stringent compliance standards, with built-in auditing and information protection technology combined with fine-grained access controls. Third, your database can be accessed only via the secure database credentials provided to you in the SyncHub app. You alone can see those credentials.