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Getting your data into Excel is nice and easy with SyncHub. Follow the steps below or view our [step-by-step tutorial here]( First, you'll need to get your [database credentials](/kb/startreporting?api=) from SyncHub. Now, go ahead and enter them into Excel (examples given in Excel 2019): 1. Launch Excel and select the **Data** ribbon 2. Select **Get Data**, then **From Database**, then **From SQL Server Database** (**note:** if you are using an older version of Excel, you may only have a _From Server_ option, not _From Database_. In this case, you will likely get a firewall exception when trying to connect. We recommend routing through an [ODBC connection](/kb/odbc?api=) instead) 3. Copy and paste the relevant credentials into the Server and Database fields, then click **OK** 4. Select **Database** from the left hand panel and enter the username and password from your credentials, then click **Save** 5. Select the tables you would like to access, then hit **Load** All done! Now you can build custom reports and dashboards using data from across all your connections – without the need for manual importing.